Tuesday, May 12, 2020

UPDATE - This week in monetary policy: Moldova, New Zealand, Belarus, Egypt, Mexico, Ghana & Pakistan

    (Following item updated with State Bank of Pakistan, which said its monetary policy committee would meet on Friday, May 15 to decide on monetary policy.
     Pakistan's central bank has cut its policy rate three times this year by a total of 425 basis points following cuts on March 17, at an emergency policy meeting on March 24 and April 16.)

     This week - May 10 through May 16 - central banks from 7 countries or jurisdictions are scheduled to decide on monetary policy: Moldova, New Zealand, Belarus, Egypt, Mexico, Ghana and Pakistan.
     Romania's central bank was scheduled to decide on monetary policy on May 12 but its board decided on March 20, when it cut the rate 50 basis points at an emergency meeting, to suspend monetary policy meetings given the high degree of uncertainty surrounding economic and financial developments.
     Instead, the central bank's board will meet to decide monetary policy when necessary..
    Following table includes the name of the country, the date of the next policy decision, the current policy rate, the result of the last policy decision, the change in the policy rate year to date, and the rate one year ago.
    The table is updated when the latest decisions are announced and can always accessed by clicking on This Week.

MAY 10 - MAY 16, 2020:
NEW ZEALAND13-May0.25%-75-751.50%         DM
EGYPT14-May9.25%0-30015.75%         EM
MEXICO14-May6.00%-50-1258.25%         EM
GHANA15-May14.50%-150-15016.00%         FM
PAKISTAN15-May9.00%-200-42512.25%         EM


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