Central Bank News (CBN) is dedicated to providing accurate and timely news about central banking, with a focus on monetary policy, financial stability and regulation.

CBN’s target audience is investors, economists, financial analysts, journalists, commentators and central bankers.

CBN provides news about central banks worldwide with a focus on the leading global economies, organized as the Group of Twenty (G20).

CBN aims to be the pre-eminent global resource for anyone looking to understand the policy of central banks and what central bankers think about the global economy.

Most countries award central banks a unique status: They are largely independent of political and commercial interests, yet they take decisions that are critical to a country’s economy. To live up to that responsibility, central banks must reflect a society’s values and their decisions must be based on unbiased observations of economic conditions.

The 2008 financial crises shook the foundation of economic policy and beliefs in major nations and it still reverberates through the global economy. The role and consciousness of central banks continues to evolve as the outline of a new global economic order is established.

Understanding how central bankers think and what they worry about is indispensible to policy makers, investors and citizens.

CBN’s regular products are:
-- Articles based on central bank policy decisions
-- Articles based on reports from international financial institutions, primarily the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
-- Global Monetary Policy Highlights: Key events in global monetary, summary of rate changes
-- Global Interest Rate Monitor (GIRM): Table with benchmark monetary policy rates of 95 central banks and the Global Monetary Policy Rate (GMPR), the average nominal rate of the 95 banks
-- Inflation Targets Table: Table with inflation targets
-- Central Bank Calendar: Month-by-month calendar with meetings of monetary policy committees
-- Central Bank Governors: The names of governors, chief executives of 190 central banks.
-- Currency Regimes

CBN’s occasional products are:

-- Central Bank News Link List: Links to news about central banks
-- Week in Review: A review of last week’s policy decisions (WIR)

Over time we will be working to develop more resources in the central bank intelligence and data space.  If you have feedback or suggestions do contact us.

Central Bank News was originally established in 2009, in its earliest form CBN was simply a Twitter account (@centralbanknews) with updates on major interest rate moves posted. Later, the website was established, and weekly reviews of monetary policy decisions were posted. This evolved into brief updates on monetary policy decisions, which were augmented with the central bank directory, and the interest rates and inflation targets tables. Looking forward Central Bank News will continue to progressively build up resources as demand an innovation dictates.

So connect to CentralBankNews.info by following the site or following us on Twitter. This website and Twitter are the main channels through which we provide news and updates, but you can also connect to us through your preferred medium e.g. Seeking Alpha, Facebook, StockTwits, Business Exchange, and others.

If you are interested in collaborating with Central Bank News please get in touch.

CBN is published by Peter Nielsen, a financial journalist who worked for 20 years for Reuters news agency as a writer and editor. After graduating with a journalism degree (BS) from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1983, Peter worked as a business writer and editor for two newspapers and then completed an economics degree (BA) in 1986.

Peter joined Reuters in London shortly before Black Monday in September 1987 and then worked as a correspondent in Bonn, Germany, during unification. In 1993 Peter moved to Zurich and began writing about global central banking. In 1998 he returned to Reuters’ headquarters in London before moving to Brussels in 2003. After two years in the capital of the European Union, Peter returned to London and retired from Reuters in 2007.
In 2009 Peter returned to Boulder and in June 2012 he took over as publisher of CBN.

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