Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Central Bank News suspends production

     Dear Readers
     After reporting on global monetary policy for a decade, it's time for a change. Effective immediately, Central Bank News is suspending publication. 
     I will no longer be updating the Central Bank News website with monetary policy decisions or updating tables with changes to interest rates, inflation targets, reserve requirements, the names of governors or calendars.

     It has been a privilege to report on the evolution of monetary policy and publish Central Bank News, and it has always been exciting to hear from readers from every corner of the world.

     My goal in publishing Central Bank News was to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely information about monetary policy for the benefit of my readers. It is my sincere hope I have come close to meeting this goal.

     Anyone interested in further information, can contact me via email at centralbanknews@yahoo.com.
     Your publisher
     Peter Nielsen


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