Saturday, December 25, 2021

2022 Global Central Bank Monetary Policy Calendar - Updates with Ukraine, Peru, Czech Republic, Botswana, Taiwan & Morocco.

       Herewith the second draft of the 2022 calendar of meetings by central bank committees or boards that decide monetary policy.

      This draft updates the first draft published on Dec. 8 with the 2022 schedules of the central banks of Ukraine, Peru, Czech Republic, Botswana, Taiwan and Morocco. It also includes the January policy meetings by the central banks of Uzbekistan and Paraguay.

      The following table shows the date for the scheduled monetary policy meetings for more than 70 of the world's central banks. In the event policy meetings take place over multiple days, the date listed below is for the final day when decisions are normally announced.
      Central Bank News will update this calendar in coming weeks as central banks gradually publish their meeting schedule for 2022.
      During the year, the calendar is regularly updates to reflect changes in meeting schedule or when monetary policy committees announce the date for their upcoming meetings. 
      Readers are encouraged the check on the latest version of the calendar by clicking here.

      You may replicate the calendar in part of full only if you link to Central Bank News.

3-Jan    ILSIsraelBank of Israel
5-Jan    UYUUruguayCentral Bank of Uruguay
6-Jan    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
10-Jan    RONRomaniaNational Bank of Romania
12-Jan    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
13-Jan    RSDSerbiaNational Bank of Serbia
14-Jan    KRWSouth KoreaBank of Korea
14-Jan    KZTKazakhstanNational Bank of Kazakhstan
18-Jan    JPYJapanBank of Japan
20-Jan    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
20-Jan    MYRMalaysiaCentral Bank of Malaysia
20-Jan    UZSUzbekistanCentral Bank of the Rep. of Uzbekistan 
20-Jan    UAH UkraineNational Bank of Ukraine
20-Jan    NOKNorwayNorges Bank
20-Jan    TRYTurkeyCentral Bank of Republic of Turkey
21-Jan    PYGParaguayCentral Bank of Paraguay
24-Jan    PKRPakistanState Bank of Pakistan 
25-Jan    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
25-Jan    NGNNigeriaCentral Bank of Nigeria
26-Jan    CADCanadaBank of Canada
26-Jan    USDUnited StatesFederal Reserve
26-Jan    CLPChileCentral Bank of Chile
27-Jan    ZARSouth AfricaSouth African Reserve Bank
28-Jan    MWKMalawiReserve Bank of Malawi
28-Jan    AOAAngolaBank of Angola
28-Jan    MWKMalawiReserve Bank of Malawi
28-Jan    COPColombiaCentral Bank of Colombia 
31-Jan    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
31-Jan    GHSGhanaBank of Ghana
1-Feb    AUDAustraliaReserve Bank of Australia
2-Dec    GELGeorgiaNational Bank of Georgia
2-Feb    BRLBrazilCentral Bank of Brazil
3-Feb    GBPUnited KingdomBank of England
3-Feb    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
3-Feb    EUREuro areaEuropean Central Bank
8-Feb    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
9-Feb    THBThailandBank of Thailand
9-Feb    INRIndia Reserve Bank of India 
9-Feb    ISKIcelandCentral Bank of Iceland
9-Feb    RONRomaniaNational Bank of Romania
10-Feb    SEKSwedenSveriges Riksbank
10-Feb    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
11-Feb    RUBRussiaBank of Russia
17-Feb    TRYTurkeyCentral Bank of Republic of Turkey
18-Feb    JMDJamaicaBank of Jamaica
21-Feb    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
21-Feb    ILSIsraelBank of Israel
22-Feb    NZDNew ZealandReserve Bank of New Zealand
22-Feb    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
24-Feb    KRWSouth KoreaBank of Korea
24-Feb    BWPBotswanaBank of Botswana
28-Feb    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
1-Mar    AUDAustraliaReserve Bank of Australia
2-Mar    CADCanadaBank of Canada
3-Mar    MYRMalaysiaCentral Bank of Malaysia
3-Mar    UAH UkraineNational Bank of Ukraine
8-Mar    PKRPakistanState Bank of Pakistan 
8-Mar    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
10-Mar    EUREuro areaEuropean Central Bank
10-Mar    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
16-Mar    USDUnited StatesFederal Reserve
16-Mar    BRLBrazilCentral Bank of Brazil
17-Mar    TWDTaiwanCentral Bank of the Rep. of China (Taiwan)
17-Mar    GBPUnited KingdomBank of England
17-Mar    TRYTurkeyCentral Bank of Republic of Turkey
18-Mar    JPYJapanBank of Japan
18-Mar    RUBRussiaBank of Russia
21-Mar    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
22-Mar    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
22-Mar    NGNNigeriaCentral Bank of Nigeria
22-Mar    MADMoroccoBank of Morocco 
24-Mar    CHFSwitzerlandSwiss National Bank
24-Mar    NOKNorwayNorges Bank
24-Mar    ZARSouth AfricaSouth African Reserve Bank
29-Mar    JMDJamaicaBank of Jamaica
30-Mar    THBThailandBank of Thailand
30-Mar    GELGeorgiaNational Bank of Georgia
31-Mar    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
31-Mar    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
31-Mar    COPColombiaCentral Bank of Colombia 
6-Apr    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
7-Apr    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
11-Apr    ILSIsraelBank of Israel
13-Apr    NZDNew ZealandReserve Bank of New Zealand
13-Apr    CADCanadaBank of Canada
14-Apr    KRWSouth KoreaBank of Korea
14-Apr    UAH UkraineNational Bank of Ukraine
14-Apr    EUREuro areaEuropean Central Bank
19-Apr    PKRPakistanState Bank of Pakistan 
20-Apr    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
26-Apr    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
28-Apr    JPYJapanBank of Japan
28-Apr    SEKSwedenSveriges Riksbank
28-Apr    BWPBotswanaBank of Botswana
29-Apr    RUBRussiaBank of Russia
29-Apr    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
29-Apr    COPColombiaCentral Bank of Colombia 
4-May    ISKIcelandCentral Bank of Iceland
4-May    USDUnited StatesFederal Reserve
4-May    BRLBrazilCentral Bank of Brazil
5-May    NOKNorwayNorges Bank
5-May    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
5-May    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
11-May    MYRMalaysiaCentral Bank of Malaysia
11-May    GELGeorgiaNational Bank of Georgia
12-May    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
18-May    THBThailandBank of Thailand
19-May    ZARSouth AfricaSouth African Reserve Bank
19-May    JMDJamaicaBank of Jamaica
20-May    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
23-May    ILSIsraelBank of Israel
24-May    GHSGhanaBank of Ghana
24-May    NGNNigeriaCentral Bank of Nigeria
25-May    NZDNew ZealandReserve Bank of New Zealand
26-May    KRWSouth KoreaBank of Korea
31-May    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
31-May    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
1-Jun    CADCanadaBank of Canada
2-Jun    UAH UkraineNational Bank of Ukraine
2-Jun    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
4-Jun    MDLMoldovaNational Bank of Moldova
8-Jun    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
9-Jun    EUREuro areaEuropean Central Bank
9-Jun    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
10-Jun    PKRPakistanState Bank of Pakistan 
10-Jun    RUBRussiaBank of Russia
15-Jun    USDUnited StatesFederal Reserve
15-Jun    BRLBrazilCentral Bank of Brazil
16-Jun    TWDTaiwanCentral Bank of the Rep. of China (Taiwan)
16-Jun    BWPBotswanaBank of Botswana
16-Jun    CHFSwitzerlandSwiss National Bank
16-Jun    GBPUnited KingdomBank of England
17-Jun    JPYJapanBank of Japan
20-Jun    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
21-Jun    MADMoroccoBank of Morocco 
22-Jun    GELGeorgiaNational Bank of Georgia
22-Jun    ISKIcelandCentral Bank of Iceland
22-Jun    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
22-Jun    MADMoroccoBank of Morocco 
23-Jun    NOKNorwayNorges Bank
28-Jun    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
29-Jun    THBThailandBank of Thailand
29-Jun    JMDJamaicaBank of Jamaica
30-Jun    SEKSwedenSveriges Riksbank
30-Jun    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
30-Jun    COPColombiaCentral Bank of Colombia 
6-Jul    MYRMalaysiaCentral Bank of Malaysia
7-Jul    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
7-Jul    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
13-Jul    CADCanadaBank of Canada
14-Jul    KRWSouth KoreaBank of Korea
20-Jul    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
21-Jul    JPYJapanBank of Japan
21-Jul    UAH UkraineNational Bank of Ukraine
21-Jul    EUREuro areaEuropean Central Bank
21-Jul    ZARSouth AfricaSouth African Reserve Bank
22-Jul    RUBRussiaBank of Russia
26-Jul    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
26-Jul    NGNNigeriaCentral Bank of Nigeria
27-Jul    USDUnited StatesFederal Reserve
29-Jul    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
29-Jul    COPColombiaCentral Bank of Colombia 
3-Aug    GELGeorgiaNational Bank of Georgia
3-Aug    BRLBrazilCentral Bank of Brazil
4-Aug    GBPUnited KingdomBank of England
4-Aug    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
11-Aug    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
17-Aug    NZDNew ZealandReserve Bank of New Zealand
17-Aug    THBThailandBank of Thailand
18-Aug    NOKNorwayNorges Bank
18-Aug    JMDJamaicaBank of Jamaica
20-Aug    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
22-Aug    ILSIsraelBank of Israel
23-Aug    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
24-Aug    ISKIcelandCentral Bank of Iceland
25-Aug    KRWSouth KoreaBank of Korea
25-Aug    BWPBotswanaBank of Botswana
30-Aug    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
31-Aug    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
7-Sep    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
7-Sep    CADCanadaBank of Canada
8-Sep    MYRMalaysiaCentral Bank of Malaysia
8-Sep    UAH UkraineNational Bank of Ukraine
8-Sep    EUREuro areaEuropean Central Bank
8-Sep    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
14-Sep    GELGeorgiaNational Bank of Georgia
15-Sep    GBPUnited KingdomBank of England
16-Sep    RUBRussiaBank of Russia
20-Sep    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
21-Sep    USDUnited StatesFederal Reserve
21-Sep    BRLBrazilCentral Bank of Brazil
22-Sep    JPYJapanBank of Japan
22-Sep    TWDTaiwanCentral Bank of the Rep. of China (Taiwan)
22-Sep    NOKNorwayNorges Bank
22-Sep    CHFSwitzerlandSwiss National Bank
22-Sep    ZARSouth AfricaSouth African Reserve Bank
27-Sep    GHSGhanaBank of Ghana
27-Sep    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
27-Sep    NGNNigeriaCentral Bank of Nigeria
27-Sep    MADMoroccoBank of Morocco 
28-Sep    THBThailandBank of Thailand
29-Sep    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
29-Sep    JMDJamaicaBank of Jamaica
30-Sep    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
30-Sep    COPColombiaCentral Bank of Colombia 
5-Oct    ISKIcelandCentral Bank of Iceland
5-Oct    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
6-Oct    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
14-Oct    KRWSouth KoreaBank of Korea
20-Oct    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
20-Oct    BWPBotswanaBank of Botswana
20-Oct    UAH UkraineNational Bank of Ukraine
25-Oct    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
26-Oct    GELGeorgiaNational Bank of Georgia
26-Oct    CADCanadaBank of Canada
27-Oct    EUREuro areaEuropean Central Bank
28-Oct    JPYJapanBank of Japan
28-Oct    RUBRussiaBank of Russia
28-Oct    COPColombiaCentral Bank of Colombia 
31-Oct    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
3-Nov    MYRMalaysiaCentral Bank of Malaysia
3-Nov    NOKNorwayNorges Bank
3-Nov    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
9-Nov    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
10-Nov    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
16-Nov    THBThailandBank of Thailand
18-Nov    JMDJamaicaBank of Jamaica
21-Nov    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
21-Nov    ILSIsraelBank of Israel
22-Nov    GHSGhanaBank of Ghana
22-Nov    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
22-Nov    NGNNigeriaCentral Bank of Nigeria
23-Nov    NZDNew ZealandReserve Bank of New Zealand
23-Nov    ISKIcelandCentral Bank of Iceland
24-Nov    KRWSouth KoreaBank of Korea
24-Nov    ZARSouth AfricaSouth African Reserve Bank
30-Nov    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 
1-Dec    BWPBotswanaBank of Botswana
7-Dec    PLNPolandNational Bank of Poland
7-Dec    CADCanadaBank of Canada
7-Dec    BRLBrazilCentral Bank of Brazil
7-Dec    PENPeruCentral Reserve Bank of Peru
8-Dec    UAH UkraineNational Bank of Ukraine
14-Dec    USDUnited StatesFederal Reserve
15-Dec    TWDTaiwanCentral Bank of the Rep. of China (Taiwan)
15-Dec    CHFSwitzerlandSwiss National Bank
15-Dec    NOKNorwayNorges Bank
15-Dec    GBPUnited KingdomBank of England
15-Dec    EUREuro areaEuropean Central Bank
16-Dec    RUBRussiaBank of Russia
16-Dec    COPColombiaCentral Bank of Colombia 
20-Dec    CNYChinaPeople's Bank of China 
20-Dec    JPYJapanBank of Japan
20-Dec    HUFHungaryCentral Bank of Hungary
20-Dec    MADMoroccoBank of Morocco 
20-Dec    JMDJamaicaBank of Jamaica
21-Dec    GELGeorgiaNational Bank of Georgia
21-Dec    CZKCzech RepublicCzech National Bank
28-Dec    THBThailandBank of Thailand
30-Dec    BGNBulgariaBulgarian National Bank 


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