Sunday, January 3, 2021

UPDATE- This week in monetary policy: Israel and Romania (CANCELLED)

    (Following item is updated with the cancellation of the Jan. 8 monetary policy meeting by the National Bank of Romania's board. The Feb. Feb. 9 meeting has also been cancelled.)

    This week - January 4 through January 9 - only the Bank of Israel is scheduled to decide on monetary policy.
    The National Bank of Romania's event calendar had included a board meeting on monetary policy issues on Jan. 8, 2021 but its calendar also continued to include a note from March last year that its board had suspended any previously scheduled meetings due to the elevated uncertainty surrounding economic and financial developments.
     Instead, board meetings to discuss monetary policy would be held "whenever necessary."
     Following table includes the name of the country, the date of the next policy decision, the current policy rate, the local time a policy decision is announced, the result of the last policy decision, the change in the policy rate year to date, and the rate one year ago.
    The table is updated when the latest decisions are announced and can always be accessed by clicking on This Week.


JAN 4 - JAN 9, 2020:
ISRAEL4-Jan0.10%16:00000.25%         DM


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